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Hmm.. Hi guys again!

I have read very carefully what you are saying.. I have another question to ask now..

First I d like to thank Ken for the list sent for to explore.. I ll do this ASAP..

The question is about ehmm.. well.. dSLR or another compact digicam?

TCav has been keeping up saying that I dont need a dSLR.. I need another compact digicam.. I dont understand the reason - why?

An acquiring a dSLR I am considering as the best way to impove my skills and knowledge in photography, with a posibility to add new features - lenses etc. (as soon I am ready for more). I have posted to this forum only a few pictures, which do not describe all my interests at all..

So - Why don't I need a dSLR and why it should be enough with another compact digicam?

I hope someone is going to clear out this mess from my head, which I can feel growing..

Oh.. while I was writing.. there is one more thing to read.. - from a Frogfish.. ok.. reading.
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