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DigitalGal wrote:
Very interesting option. And since I dont have any lenses, I don't have to worry about which camera is going to be my 1st dSLR.. no compability issues..
Compatibility is only part of it. The other part is - when you want to buy a lens now or a year from now or 2 years from now, does the system have the lens you need available. There have been a lot of threads lately discussing this issue - and I think Ken had a nice summary in another thread. But, one of the drawbacks to Olympus is there aren't many lenses out there that autofocus with their DSLRs. Whereas with Nikon & Canon and to a lesser extent Pentax you have a vast array of THEIR lenses to choose from PLUS third party lenses from Sigma/Tamron/Tokina. With Olympus, all those lenses aren't available to you a year from now when you want to buy a new lens. That's what you have to balance against their low price point and exceptional kit lenses
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