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- it should be an F lens accourding to description, got no answer from seller to confirm yet, though
- f/3.5 --> chances are we talk about a 35-135/3.5-4.5 F since there was no prime 135/3.5F according to Stans and BDimitrov

Is there anyone here to know this and can comment on it?

According to Stans the Pentax 35-135/3.5-4.5A is a good lens - I am really considering a 28-105, 35-105 or 35-135 as a walkaround lens.

As I saw from other posts people mostly argue against Sigma or Tamron in that range, and it has to be a F-lens, I need the autofocus capability.

From my point of view I need a sharp lens through the whole range (f-stop, zoom) and maybe I am asking for too much trying to find this in 7x zooms or 10x zooms. So this is a try in the 3* zoom range.

Budget is around EUR 100.00 and I already checked some auctions - and could get that lens for example within that price range. I haven't found any pictures or reviews for it, that's why my posting here.

So - what F-lens in that range would you recommend, do you know that Takumar and what are fair/good prices for these?

Thanks in advance,
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