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photo118 wrote:
... Tough choice with all the different lens on the market. I guess my main thought is to get sharp and clear shots.
There are not much choices(affordable) zooms if you're over the 400mm zoom range:
o The sharpest zoom in the 500 reach is probably the Tamron 200-500
-> Today I got to try one from one my friend's camera and was pleasantly surpised by how small and light this lens really is
o Next is the Bigma EX 50-500 that sports the HSM which is slightly faster in AF, but not as sharp as the Tamron

If you are willing to stop @ the 400mm limit then there's a few more:
o The Sigma EX 100-300 f/4 which can take a 1.4x quite well (420mm f/5.6) with HSM
o The Sigma EX 80-400 f/5.6 with Optical Stabilisation but no HSM
o and then the lens you inquired about The Canon EF 100-400L f/5.6 with USM and IS
o ... there's more here but the image quality tends to decrease with price

Up a notch are the specialized (i.e. $$$) lenses:
o EF-500mm f/4
o EF-600mm f/4
o SigMonster EX 300-800mm
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