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Yeah, it's a wonderful picture.

Here, for the last 15 years or so, trumpeter swans have become a nuisance in winter. They migrate from Siberia and northern Scandinavia and stay around, grazing what they might find in the newly sown fields in daytime. The farmers do whatever they legally can to scare them off, but of course they are protected and there are no offensive means at hand, only scarecrows and such. At night they go to some nearby lake or pond to sleep, if they can find open water. Every evening several hundreds fly over my house, making a h*ll of a noise.In spring, they return to the vast wetlands up north to breed.

Canada geese have also increased in numbers and are now a rather common species also in summer. In winter they even outnumber the trumpeter swans in the fields.

Turkeys, though, can only be found in the freezer in the shop or on the table around New Year.:-)


Haven't got that "Yes!"-picture yet, but this is at least a piece of evidence:lol::
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