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I've had both (returned the canon for the fuji). The only thing the Canon has, that the Fuji lacks, is image stabilization. But for me, the ability to shoot clean pics at iso800 with a faster shutter speed is well worth it. Plus the manual zoom is much easier for me anyway. If your shooting indoors and it's not REALLY bright in there, the higher sensitivity of the Fuji might be a better choice. With the Canon, I had a couple problems with indoor shots,
1) If the light was low, it mis-focused quite often
2) I kept it set to iso 100 so the pics would be free of noise but that forced it to use slow shutter speeds. Then even with image stabilization, I still ended up with blurred images.

Here are a couple other reviews that are good to read besides Steve's great ones. You can see the difference in iso performance between the two and it's quite large.


RosaC wrote:

I currently have a Casio Z850 & really like it because of its size. Now, I need another camera to shoot my son Karate Tournaments (fast action, indoors). Just wondering if the Fuji S6000 would be a good choice. I prefer to stay away from the Digital SLR's because of the extra $ for different lenses. Also, I just saw it at COSTCO On-Line for $299 add tax/shipping .

Thanks for your input!
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