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I need your advice urgently! I have a problem with my lens.

I bought Nikon D80 with kit lens Nikkor 18-135mm DX in last December 2006 (around 23 Dec). Then I bought 50mm f1.8 in January 2007. This 50mm/f1.8 lens is always on my D80 and the kit lens 18-135 mm is always in the bag.

Now I want to buy the VR lens 18-200mm VR(850 US$) or 70-300mm VR (650 US$) because my kit lens cannot satify me in some situations..

So I went out in this evening and found one of the camera shops has both VR lenses. I asked the shop whether I can trade-in with my kit lens. Then the problem comes up...

The seller checked my 18-135mm kit lens and said he doesn't want this lens as it has many fungus inside the lens.

You might want to know how did he check the lens.
He detached the lens from the camera body, pointed to the ceiling lightby opening the aperture and looking through the lens and said it has many many fungus inside the lens.
I was totally shocked what I heard from him. I don't know how the fungus look likes so I have no idea what to say. So far there is no problem with my pictures taken with this lens. I cannot see anyloss of sharpness or brightness etc. on the photos.

The sellersaid cleaning the fungus will cost me about 250 US$.(This new lens cost only 450 US$.)

As I am a newbie in this photography field, I never thought about this kind of problem before. If I have been told about such problems with the lens, I will not buy this kind of stuff as I can not affordto fixany kind of these costly problems.

I wonder how's comes this 2 month old lens has a fungus? (As I said above,I use 50mm prime lens mostly.)

Anyone know whether Nikon's warranty covers this kind of problem?

Please advice me what should I do with this problem.

Thanks for any comments.


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