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ennacac wrote:
(posted in new thread) Fuji print film, Pentax MZ-S, FA* 300mm, Nikon film scanner.

Film isn't exactly dead since cost of digital includes:

Expensive camera
SD/Compact Flash cards
Expensive computer and software
Expensive printer, paper and ink

How many rolls of film and processing could I buy for the cost of the above, pluss I get more DR with film.

Apparently the camera eats batt and the one I got died. Checked the local camera place $15 apiece. About to give it up until I was reminded by Tom and of course his pict.
I checked ebay and got 8 new batt at $16 shipping included from another fellow whose camera died a yr ago(don't know its brand). Now there is nothing to blame. Well I can still blame the noice of the shutter. DL is loud? Wait until you hear this one miles away


Edited Mar 12
Sequel re the F50mm1.7
The lens is amazing and has proved it value as almost a must have like FA50mm1.4. Subsequently I ebayed my FA50mm at cost to another fellow from Quebec.
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