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So, I seem to have a redundant story about digitalexpo... especially since EVERYONE else has the same story.. but alas, I'll share mine.. as if all the other complaints haven't hopefully helped someone!!

I started researching the canon sd600... sure enough, had the best rate around, as in a good $30 cheaper than anywhere else. Like an idiot, I read the reviews and believed them, therefore trusting them enough to purchase the camera Sunday night. I didn't even notice in the email that it said to call them. I order online very frequently for all sorts of items, so all the confirmation emails begin to look the same. I woke up today (Monday) to see about the shipping time and noticed I had to call. I was on hold for about 2 minutes before the guy picked up with a rude "Yes?". It was as if I was imposing on him or something! So, he begins by telling me my camera is an excellent choice and one of the best out there, BUT in order for it to work to the best ability, I need an additional battery. He goes on to explain that the existing battery will only work for 20 minutes and then I'll need another one. I literally laughed out loud at this absurd statement and told him it was okay, that I had a backup battery already. (I'm a new owner of an SLR and a 3x owner of a compact digital camera, so I'm quite familiar with the battery life of a typical digi cam). He got quite upset when I laughed and then asked me what the model # of my battery was. I told him I was unsure, but that I knew the battery would work for this camera. He then told me I was lying!! That I didn't have an extra battery and I was lying to him. I just laughed and said - Are you going to help me or not? And he said - No, cause I know you're lying! I just hung up. And THEN didmy research and found out this whole company is a scam!!

Shaking, I called my bank to tell them I didn't want to accept any charges from this company. Apparently there was no charges pending, but I can fight it if they do charge. So now after reading these other posts, I'm on my way to my bank to cancel my bank card as this trashy company has all my info, including the 3-digit code on the back of my card! UGH......

I'm such a huge online shopper and so disappointed that I fell for this scam. I truly hope no one else has to go through all this hassle like I have!!

Thanks to everyone here for posting all of this... it's truly a help to all of us, beginners or experts!
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