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I haven't seen that one.

But, Minolta made an adapter (FS-1200) that allowed their strobes to be used in an ISO standard shoe (the shoe is proprietary on Minolta Maxxum models, and is the same shoe used on the new Sony DLSR-A100).

I have seen a few sporadic reports of some of these types of Minolta accessories slowly being rebranded by Sony with Sony part numbers. So, that may be what you saw. It's probably taking them a while to sort it all out (what they need to continue manufacturing, rebranding as Sony and more).

This is the old Minolta adapter (still available from many vendors). It was originally designed to allow newer Minolta Maxxum strobes on the very first Maxxum models (because the first ones were still using an ISO standard shoe). But, some people also used it to adapt the newer Strobes to other camera models with an ISO standard shoe. It's got the Minolta proprietary shoe at the top of the adapter, with an ISO standard foot at the bottom.

Minolta FS-1200 Adapter at B&H

But, you wouldn't have any TTL type information being passed between a camera and one of the newer KM Strobes (or the same strobes rebranded by Sony that work with Sony and KM DSLR models). You could physically mount one and get it to fire. But, the camera or strobe wouldn't pass any information from pins other than the center pin to fire it. So, you'd need to go manual power only on the strobe (controlling power via settings on the strobe itself) and use manual exposure on the camera.

Without a similar adapter, you couldn't even physically mount a strobe designed for the Alpha on a DSC-R1, much less get communication between the camera and flash for settings, etc. The hotshoe design is very different. The Minolta Maxxum models (and now Sony DSLR-A100) use a pretty slick hotshoe design, whereas most other camera manufacturers stuck with an ISO Standard shoe and added a few proprietary pins to it (which is what Sony did with their models other than the Alpha)..

If Sony has a new adapter out that allows the strobes for the Alpha to work with the DSC-R1 in any other way (ability for the strobe and camera to communicate with settings information), I'm not aware of it. But, I don't see everything new. lol
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