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My Kodak Z612, after being indispensably awsome for about 9 months, has started taking predominantly blurry pictures. I didn't change any settings, haven't dropped it, it's just... stopped cooperating.

The few times it does come up with a somewhat acceptable picture are in outdoor light, no telephoto, and even then the shots are no longer sharp and detailed. The further we deviate from that standard, by taking it inside, with or without flash, or use any telephoto, the shots get blurrier and blurrier.

I've done some research on settings and possible issues, and taken pictures across a plethora of settings - Normal, Macro or Infinity AF; single vs. continuous AF; ]image stabilization (set to on); even reset the camera,and nothing resolved the issue.

Could it be that the image stabilizer function - which IS set to "on" - is maybe no longer working?

I've attached a typical blurry picture taken since the problem - taken indoors, in high, arena lighting, without flash. Camera was set to Auto, Continuous AF. I've cropped and resized it down from 3MP to 640x480 in photoshop but otherwise not altered it.
While the camera is still under warranty, I highly doubt I can find the receipt - painful lesson learned.

Any ideas would be welcome!


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