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Default Olympus C2100 trash bound? Need a new camera!

Well I posted this in the Olympus forum too but it seems that this one gets a lot more action...
I have a C2100 Ultra Zoom. It's a good camera, or it has been good until last week. At first, the pictures started coming out brown. We adjusted the light and thought the problem was solved. Now, about half of the pictures turn out blurry. It seems to be a problem when the camera is about 2-3 feet away from the object being photographed.

Is this one headed to the trash? How is Olympus service and repair?

Presuming I'll need to buy a new one- let's get some opinions on the new camera.

We need an EXCELLENT macro ability, good storage capacity (1400 pictures or more which I know can be resolved with a bigger card) easy interface (no software, just like USB or direct connect or upload to a car reader) resolution is not an issue since the pictures will only be viewed online in a web browser, I think 2.0 MP is way more than sufficient. Something sturdy that will be in an industrial environment and needs to be below $500

Any ideas? Experience with camera good or bad? Thanks!
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