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Polytrope wrote:
vIZnquest wrote:
Great captures here. I have seen them but never fighting like that. Thanks for your wildlife shots. It definitely has given me LBA for the Bigma.
Yeah, I'd like a 500mm lens, too, but it would also help if we had more elk and bald eagles in my neighborhood here in Dallas. I will have to contact my city councilman about that and see what can be done.

Heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park in eight weeks and will of course be able to have breakfast with the elk there. I'm going to have to stop looking at Roger's photos as they're making it hard for me to bear the wait!

Great shots as always, Roger.

Hi Will, sounds like you have a fun trip ahead of you. Don't forget to post some photos from the trip. Thanks for looking and commentin. If your councilman doesn't help call the MAYOR.


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