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Hi Eric,

Yes the features offered by these services providers are different. My general comment is that offer many useful features compare to others.

Originally Posted by eric s
Other features which should be considered (at least I think so)

Easy of uploading. I believe that pbase allows you upload a singe zip file which is uncompressed and turned into the album. Sounds much easier than ftp'ing each file. I have no idea how others do it., - yes, imagestation - no

Does it allow galleries within galleries? Means you can have better organization., - yes, imagestation - no

Does it allow direct linking to the pictures? You need this to post pictures directly into forums. If it does, does it modify the picture in any way? pbase allows it and does nothing to the picture (in fact, you can link to any of the sizes that it automatically generates!) There is a free one which allows direct linking to pictures but it puts their name on the bottom (a little ad.), - yes, imagestation - no

How many different layouts of galleries does it allow? Some are limited, some allow many (pbase seems to have tons.) offer the best layout tool

These are ones which others have mentioned.

Are the alternate sizes of the pictures charged against your alloted disk space? pbase used to do this, now they do not.

Can you order prints from them. This doesn't matter to me, but for people taking family pictures with distant relatives, this could be really nice. Post the pics of the kids 2nd birthday party, then the grandparents can order prints easily.

I had started to look into album hosting sites when I was offered some free space of my own.... so I didn't get very far. But these were some of the questions I was thinking of asking.

For other services e.g. order print, offer more compare to and
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