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The normal start time for matches in our league is 5:30 for girls and 7:30 for boys. We routinely have 1-2 hour bus trips and occasionally as long as three hours (try to schedule those on Friday nights.) Most of us play in football stadiums that have from poor to average lighting. When we play on a dedicated, lighted soccer field, the lights are universally bad. My manager who does most of the shooting travels with the boys team, so we typically get there as daylight is fading near the start of the second half of the girls game.When we get there early enough, we have some good light for the girls (and occasionally, if my boys are behaving themselves in the stands, I get to sneak down and shoot a little during the girls, if the manager will give up what she sees as "her" camera, lol)

The Olympus that was used on the girls' shot is my old one, and I was doing an experiment with it. Top ISO is only 400 and it is inherently noisy at anything less than optimum lighting conditions.We were using a cheap telephoto and I think what it magnified most was the flaws. I thought it was a good action capture, but there were definitely problems.

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