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centme37 wrote:
I got this little cam yesterday night from Alan Photo of Sim Lim Square (Singapore).
Today, I went out with kids to the Science Park and tested the camera.

My thougts after 24 hours of ownership:

1. Size

It is bigger than my SD700IS but smaller than my previous SD400. It is about the same size as Fuji F30 (but boxier). Wish it is smaller but - now I can have both pocket camera and video camera in one unit - so no complaint here.
Just wish that they will make it smaller in later generations.

2. Screen

Small but I don't have any problems looking at it under mid day sun.

3. Ergo

No big issues generally - typical Elph / Ixus controls but only one issue (may be only me) with the zoom controller. You have to press downward (with your thumb) to zoom out and press upward to zoom in. I DON'T KNOW WHY but I tend to do opposite and not really convenient with it. It may take a bit of time to get used to.
4. Focus

It is quite fast except at the long end (it hunts and sometimes did not focus properly even in the broad daylight).
5. Lens

Quite good considering 10x range. You may find PF in the corners but CA is quite well controlled for such a small lens. Sharpness tend to drop a little to the corners but not that much. Not as bad as the corner bluriness on SD800 IS. In fact, corners are not bad at all.
At maximum zoom 380mm, the contrast drop a bit but nothing you can't correct with autocontrast adjustment.
Just one wish - Please Canon Please make the wide end 35mm (at least) for the next generation).
6. IQ of still pictures

IQ is typical Canon. Good colour and sharpness. Equal to SD700IS. Noise levels are also very similar. Usable upto ISO200 for 13x9 prints.
Red eyes : more severe than SD700IS and can see on many shots (about 50% of flash shots) even though I turn on red eye reduction.
7. IQ of Videos

I have yet to shoot HD. But typical VGA is very good and on par with my Sony Handycam. However, under low light conditions I think Canon is noisier than Sony Handycams. I don't know how it compare with other Canon video cameras as this is my first Canon video camera.
8. Bottom Line

Excellent (but not perfect) hybrid still and video cameras that you can carry anywhere. IQ of still pictures are very decent and you can retire your handycams for video shots. Just prepare to buy lots of SD cards.
I have one of those hard drive viewers which I intend to bring along on vacation trips and I can always transfer files at the end of the day and I can reuse these SD cards the next day.
Even with my DSLR setups, I can always carry this little camera everywhere to record the events / happenings etc.
Now the pictures:

You can view full rez files at:
I'm impressed with the stills. Now that you have had the TX1 for 10 days, would you still recommend it?

I'm worried that, according to a recent post in another forum, the user could only get 10 seconds or so of video out of a 4GB card. May I know what type of card you use?

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