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I'm a current owner of the SD800, previous camera S30. Loved the shots from the S30 therefore I assumed the SD800 would be better. So far I've been gravely disappointed. Auto mode - useless indoors as ISO goes too high and pictures are too grainy. Tried manual with ISO 200 - too slow for most pictures. Maybe outdoor shots are better but hate to have a camera onyl good for 50% of the time. Bottom line is I'm looking to replace it. Considering the F31fd, new Sony line DSC-W series. My concern is that the underlying problem with quality is the sensor size (1/2.5" vs. 1/1.7 in the S30). I assumed as resolutions went up manufacturers would also up the sensor. I'm in image processing system design for a living therefore know there is generally no substitute for a larger sensor when it comes to quality. My main concern is image quality. I am leaning toward the DSC-W80(Sony) as it has the best feature set of the series with the best sensor to resolution ratio. Anyone have this camera? Can;t find much out there (brand new) to compare.


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