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I really don't care what wins or what not (not meant negative) I know that on most points the CRT will rule over the TFT's for a long time (if not for ever), but there are other things to take into consideration.

It's impossible for a CRT to have coloruniformity over the total area, while TFT's have that, the focus on a TFT is much better than any CRT.

On the other hand, CRT's will yield standard much better colortrueness, will have much more detail in the same resolution as a TFT because it's not a fixed pixel display. Will have better black levels alway's, will have a MUCH higher contrast ratio.

The standpoint of TFT is NO good for photo use however is overdue. One advantage of TFT's for example is the portrait option. Did you ever see a 20.4" TFT (1600x1200 600:1) in portrait mode , I can promise you it will blow you away.

I miss my CRT everyday because I know it could be better for half te money, on the other hand, I absolutly love the crisp and colorcorrectness of THIS TFT, I miss the blacklevel of the CRT.
It's a win-loose situation in both directions. Whilst a year ago it was a loose-loose situation for the TFT.

I was 95% happy with my 22" pro Iiyama I'm 90% happy with THIS TFT, I used a 17" TFT before this one (Because my Iiyama broke down the second time in 8 weeks) and hated every minute working on it, I even stopped working on my photo's for a week. With this TFT the story is different, I calibrated it and tweaked some settings in the card setup and at the moment I'm blown away with the results, as with the CRT the printout and what I see on screen are DEAD on, except in the deepest black, but therefore I use a second CRT monitor if needed (I always have 2 monitor's hooked on).

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