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JohnG wrote:
It's a shame, Hayward, that you're so wrapped up in the church of IS you have to justify soft photos as being more flattering to the subject.

So again, let me say - IS can be a good thing. But people rely on it too much and use it as an excuse to either not use the right equipment (flash, tripod, monopod, fast prime, high iso).
Not trying to JUSTIFY anything....

However for one with good grip skills, SR is a wonderful tool, especialy in places where flash and tripod are not allowed or just plain impractical due to space or time constraints.

AGAIN SR IS NOT and I have never claimed it to be a cure all. It is however a feature from now on would be disireable for me to have on any future camera. Not as an absolute, but vs an otherwise similar camera without, likely a deal clincher. It can always be turned off and for formal shoots (like a church, in a static setting sure drag the pod along.

If I want to go out and specifically shoot fixed night/moon/etc scenes sure I'd take a tripod.... but hump it all around Key West for 8 hours a day, every day NOT A CHANCE, and SR makes up a lot for not having to do that.

Maybe when I can afford a roadie/caddy to follow me around perhaps.
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