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Thanks for your thoughts on the second photo. I knew something just wasn't right but I couldn't put a finger on it. You nailed it with the light pulling the subject to the right. I'll play around with other crops, but more important I'll just be more aware next time. Thanks again!

Keoeeit wrote:
Photo #1: I agree with the others saying you need to crop some off the left. You might also get away with cropping away some of that clutter at the top too.

Photo #2: This one doesn't really work too well, mostly because of the direction of the light. You would first have to crop off that whole left side that falls off into the distance if you wanted to use it as-is. The light coming from the right wants to pull your subject out of the frame, rather than into the frame (like in your first photo). You could probably get away with a tight crop of just your subject in a vertical format, so more of the body was centered in the frame. The light would then have less of a tendency to want to pull the whole body out of the frame. A tight horizontal crop might work too, just past the edges of the logs, keeping in most of the foreground flowers, and a short distance above your subject's head, but not much more than that.
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