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I think this one is better, I hope you didn't take my critique to personally before. But this one does have a better BG, no big stump, only if it was blurred more, you will remember those settings next time. I know how it can be trying to keep the little ones attention, I have a few myself. It seems like you are trying to keep to some kind of rules of thirds in these shots, while landscape oriented shots with 1/3's can work sometimes, I think these would be better in portrait and with the little one filling more of the frame. Here I think you are giving us too much to look at. The rule of 1/3's can be used if you put his eyes on the upper 1/3 line, then he don't have to be all the way over on one side of the picture. remember we want to see the kid, not the whole forest.

Here's one of mine about a year and half ago to kind of show you what I mean, not saying they are perfect or better(there's problems with all of them too), just explaining the portrait vs. landscape orientation of the camera.;forum_id=88
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