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It could be you need to make an adjustment (addition)regarding what you saidaboutrecording in the H1 high speed mode.My camera defaulted to NORMAL compression the first time I switched to H1 capture, notHIGHin compression levels as you note, soif you did not go to MENU and IMAGE QUALITYand change thequality setting toHIGH (you do have the option while in H1 capture, contrary to what you said in your conclusion), it is possible your images were at normal compression levels instead of the best quality. If that's the case, I can see why you would not have been happy with the IQ.Once I made the change in compression levels, the available shots shown on the cameras LCD while in H1 mode dropped from over 1200 to 448 (1GB card in use), so there's probably a considerable difference in image quality when you use H1 high capture with low compression of the files.

A 3MP image is still big enough to make at least 8.5x11 high quality prints, so if someone is a high speed shooter this is no small deal regarding image quality at the H1 mode level, and as you note, H1 is still incredibly fast. Really, it's fast enough. I wish my film SLR had been able to do 7 frames per second!I'll be trying this out tomorrow evening at a major league baseball game and will post some results, probably Wednesday evening. By the time I get home tomorrow night, it'll be too late to work what I know will probably be hundreds of files from the game.
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