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robar wrote:
this sounds good but how do you hinge something thats only .75mm thick??

You'd need to find some small plastic hinges that have some friction to them so the reflector portion would hold position, and I'd think that glue might work -- the hobby stores carry special glues for styrene -- but you'll probably have to have ID to buy it:-)

both of my flashes have swivel and tilt so i can direct the light to where ever.

The adjustable angles can give you a fine tune to the amount of light reflected, and it's direction tho. . .

the velcro is in use. ck the pic. this could also be made easily without velcro by bending w/heat the lower part of the plastic to conform with the shape of the flash head.
anyone want one?? 8usd , shipped in lower USA.. my accessory account is always in need of funding....

It would have sounded like a great deal if you hadn't revealed your costs:-)
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