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Thanks - and, you are so right. In fact, the more that I look at it the more that I feel strongly about that. Her hair was fuller there, but - as she had been playing around a bit with other kids, that evening - I noticed how her hair had loosened some, around the edges. I then attempted a little cloning, which gave those areas a more visually pleasing appearance - but suppose that I could have done a lot better :-).

Thank you for looking, and for the very kind words.



NonEntity1 wrote:
I think it is an excellent portrait and, having done our Christmas portraits this year, I have a new appreciation for how difficult this is to do. Excellent pose and composition. My only suggestion for improvement would be to open up the diameter of the framing effect. You have the top of her hair washed out/covered and, to my eyes at least, this detracts a little bit. Honestly, I don't think you need any ornamentation on a shot that good!

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