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Oh, here is an inside church shot, very low light, taken with the kit lens at 22mm f4 ISO 400, 1/6th sec. handheld. (Very slight camera shake visible at 1/6th second)

My point is there is a lot you can do with your existing lenses. Unless youhave the extra budget, I would not spend hundreds of dollars extra to gain 1/2 an f-stop atthe wide angle. Your anti-shake, in fact, gives you 2-3 f-stops over the Nikon anyway, meaning you only need a lens with f5.6 or f8 to get the same results as your friend with the Nikon andhis f2.8 lens.

Make him envious of that. We KM/Sony users should be proud and strong and have no reason to feel inferiortoward the Canon and Nikon Goliaths.

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