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Yes...the "growl" is indeed a yawn...hehehe...I work at home and so I spend hours with him teaching him to do all kinds of things. We have taught him to "fetch" and it is the most amazing thing to see a cat do. I taught him how to do it in the beginning and since we first started doing it, it has usually been a hair tie from my hair. Now he will do a stuffed mouse occasionally but he goes NUTS for my hair ties. The funniest part is that he will bring the toys he wants to play with all the way up on sofa for me, but he will only bring them to the floor (usually just far enough out of distance that my husband has to reach). My husband is so in love with this cat that he always will lean down and get it but I won't...if nothing more than to find the difference in the way he perceives the differences between us. It is really funny! A bengal is definitely the most intelligent and interactive cat I have ever come across! And water...OMG he LOVES water!!! You cannot go into the bathroom without him thinking that he has to leap into the bathtub and drink out of the faucet. He doesn't drink out of a bowl but out of the bathtub faucet. And he has never gotten on the counters or tried to drink out of the kitchen sink. He is just downright amazing. I would recommend a Bengal to anyone who wants a more interactive cat. And, (get this)...he loves baths! LOL

Here is a pic of him the way we let him drink from the water trickling...

Thanks for your kind comments!


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