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I agree, if you just want a camcorder, theGS320as a mature technology 3CCD camcorder with OIS, bigger lenses and sensors,will serve better for just video. But with an effective sensor resolution of only 0.5MP, it's certainly nohybrid. The CG65 is a true 6MP digicam hybrid, so it will serve well forboth stills and video. For trips the CG65 is a great tourism digicambecause takesvery goodphotos in outdoor light. The other thing to consider is video editing;DV videois amature technologyand broadly supported at this time; MPEG-4 AVC, although an ISO standard,is relatively new, and while it appears it willbe the future of video technology, it is not yet broadly supported.Personally I believeit may be similar now to the early days of JPEG, software support will eventually become pervasive. One thing I noticed is that to keep original DV video really means keepingall of yourDV tapes because it consumes too much space for backing up on hard drives or data DVDs. Whereas with the CG65 you only need a few SD cards and you canpreservecopies all of your original video on hard drives or data DVDs since it consumes relatively little space.

If you don't want to lug around both a digicam and a camcorder during your trip then the pocketable CG65 will serve very well. But if you just want a good camcorder, then the GS320might bethe better choice for now.
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