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mtngal wrote:
Has your camera arrived yet? I'm going to be very curious to find out how you'll like it.

I keep thinking about the grip, but not sure I could deal with the extra weight/size. Having the shutter on the side for vertical shots would be really nice. Someday I'll have to find one and try it out.

Assuming you're talking to me, the camera hasn't arrived yet. It's being shipped from B&H in the States to my residence here in Germany. And that takes time; about five days based on previous shipments. Five days ended last Wednesday, but the additional delay may be due to either the bad weather in the NE USA last week (preventing some flights) or the heightened security alert here in Germany (more aggressive package checks).

A grip does add weight and size, both of which were concerns when I got the first one. But I justified that purchase by saying it would help in the studio (good percentage of vertical shots), and I simply could remove it outside the studio. Predictably, once I got used to it, the silly thing never left the camera. Now I feel a camera is missing something if a grip isn't attached. Of course, life will go on without a grip.

One thing which slightly concerns me about the Pentax grip is that tripod socket is (based on what I've read) not inline with the lens. If it is too far off, the camera may not balance well on a tripod (which could result in the camera slipping around on the mount - there is a limit on how much one can tighten it down). A previous grip like that drove me crazy until I finally replaced it. Hopefully this one is not that bad, plus there is sufficient texture on the bottom to prevent any slippage.


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