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I wouldn't normally take the bait, but given your agenda of generating sales and nine posts, all of which are about furthering said agenda, you are out of line.

I have posted several photos here before, as well as in other places. Whether they are appealing to others is irrelevant as I like em just fine. I do not elevate myself to expert status, and so far the only person I would dream of putting down on these forums is you, not as an individual but as an advertiser.

I've been posting here for over a year and the only one I have managed to alienate is someone who joined this community for the sole purose of making sales... whose very first post was an advertisement.

I don't want or need your book. I like learning things on my own; that's what makes it a hobby. Like it or not, the menial details of shooting are easier if you understand the process behind the scenes. Some grasp it easily, others don't even want to.

If you're of a technical mind and know how to use google, you don't need a beginner's book like this. End of story.
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