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Default Coolpix 5700 printing horizontal lines

I've had my 5700 for approximatley one year. Initially, I had no problems. It took great pictures from which I made numerous prints.

Over the last month, however, a very "wierd" problem has cropped up. Specifically, when I print a picture horizonal redish-purple lines appear periodically down the print. These lines do not show up when the image is viewed on the monitor, no matter which program I use for viewing (Photoshop Elements, Nikon Image Transfer, etc.) and no matter what the magnification.

At first I thought it was a printer problem (HP 92C), so I checked the printer out and replaced both the black and color cartridges. The problem was still there. Next I went to a friends place and used her system. Printing to an Epson C80, the problem was still there, even on freshly taken images.

Called Nikon Tech Support and after several inquiries, they suggested I download the latest version of the Epson printer drivers and see if that would solve the problem. With the latest drivers installed, the problem is still there.

While I'll continue to pursue the problem with Nikon, I thought I'd give the digital imaging guru's at Steve's a chance to show their brillance!

HELP! I'm tired of being in the "line up."
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