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Default Re: compare shots with sigma sd 10 and fuji S7000

Originally Posted by rmorrill
I compared Steve's sample shots with these two cameras, specifically the red brick building with the street sign on the left - Nichols st. The difference is very striking. The SD 10 shot was tack sharp. Beautiful! If there wasnt the noise problem at the higher iso's I would buy this camera in a minute. Richard
I think that you cannot compare the Fuji S7000 and the Sigma SD10. They are very different cameras, Sigma is a SLR with intercangeable lenses, Fuji an EVF compact with a fixed lens. Also the sensor is of different dimentions, about 23x15 mm for Sigma, 1/8 (7,1x5,4mm) for Fuji. The cost also is different and Sigma has a price of about 1700 Euro, more than the double of Fuji (about 800 Euro).

If you compare instead the Sigma with an other SLR of the same level, like Pentax *istD, resizing the Sigma samples that are smaller than the Pentax samples, you can see that at 100 ISO Sigma can be compared to Pentax and shows more sharpnes. The resolution is the same and you can see that the difference is due to the fact that the pics from Pentax are more soft than that from Sigma. But if you sharpen the Pentax pics they became like Sigma or better.
If you look the pics at a more high ISO value you will see that the Pentax pics show a little amount of noise and also the pic at 1600 ISO is usable and you can easily reduce the noise with NeatImage. The Sigma Pics instead are very noisy just at 400 ISO and 1600 ISO is not usable also with NeatImage.
If you want instead compare the Fuji S7000 with other cameras of its class, give a look to the Minolta A1 pics and yuo can see that the Minolta, with only 5 mpx instead 6 of Fuji, is better than S7000
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