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JimC (and hgernhardtjras well!), thank you very much for your detailed and helpfull reply to my post!!

But i have one problem i must overcome before trying any of the solutions and appz you gave me: the card CANT be read, either thru windows or the camera.

I tried formating it using fat (16), either thru windows explorer or command prompt in DOS, but both return an error, saying that card is damaged and cant be formated.

I know itcould bea corrupted partition information, because windows can SEE it, RECONGNIZE it, but cant read it, so that leaves me thinking its like a damager MBR.

But how can i fix this?? I have no linux CD here, and Partition Magic couldnt even see it!

Can u suggest a program that would rebuild de file allocation table on the card??

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