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Ok! Back! Color me impressed with this camera. Here's the deal with the optical zoom. When you zoom in, it takes a moment for the autofocus to "catch up". So once you zoom in, give it a second or two, and the zoomed image will be crystal clear. I'm now going to upload 3 files. Probably to I think downloading the raw files is the best way to see the quality of the camera as opposed to viewing them on utube all compressed. I'll post back in a bit with the links.

OH, one more thing. IMPORTANT! I've tried to view these files with 3 different programs. FOR ME.. quicktime was CHOPPY, nero showtime was better, but only Windows Media player 11 was able to play the files butter smooth for me. So bear in mind that if your PC is playing back the files and stuttering, it's not the camera but your PC that's having trouble playing the files back. Trust me on this one, cause they play back on my PC smooth as SILK.

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