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BillDrew wrote:
I doubt that any dSLR will produce photos that are as sharp, have the right contrast, and have the best exposure "out of the box" as well as other digicams. A dSLR assumes that you will want to do some post processing and/or change the default settings to get the best photos. Since to much sharpening, to much contrast, and over exposure produce irreversable changes those settings are on the conservative side in a dSLR. The dSLR settings (sharpening, contrast, EV compensation) should be able to be set to produce images comparable to other digicams, but typically they are not that way "out of the box".

In short, a dSLR assumes that you are capable of thinking and that you are willing to do some thinking. Perhaps not as much as the hard core "Always Shoot Raw and Post Process `Til You Twitch" crowd, but more than a simpler digicam.
Bill's righta dSLR is going to assume that it doesn't know exactly what you're trying to capturesoit will try to capture as much dynamic range as possible so you have the informationyou need captured.

That being said, you can get it to take pictures that come out of the camera looking more like what you get from the average P&S. I use these settings when I'm not out to get a specific result. ie: using my camera as a point and shoot

To get images that are "Ready to Print" just make the following settings changes:
Exposure Compensation + 0.5
Saturation +1
Color Mode Natural +1
Shaprness +1
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