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peripatetic wrote:
I'm curious, you seem to have so much to say about Canon lenses; have you ever actually used them or are you going from internet reviews? And if reviews (as I suspect) which sites? You seem to make all sorts of strange pronouncements.
I may come as a surprise, but I strongly considered an XTi before buying my E500. I had to come up with SOMETHING to overcome that kit lens, which I did use. I both tested (tried to get the lenses to mis-behave) and researched lenses to try to find a workable setup. I think every Canon lens I've commented on, I've taken a few pics with. Not many, but some.

The exception would come with the Olympus E410 kit lenses. I've never even seen one in person, but have looked at many full res pics taken by them.

So far as sites go:

While the tests are interesting, they are limited to one sample. At the bottom of the page there are user surveys. Choose the system, click "start query" and you see the results from others that use that lens. Check out a lensor two that you are familiar with. I find it to be within reason when it comes to results. Its not perfect, but it is a guide.
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