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Hi Kalypso,

Of course I like you. I do learn some things from you. BUT Mark said:

"Can you advise on what lightingI would need if any so that I don't over expose the foreground while still keeping the lighting mood richness of the reception area?"

He also said:

"Oh, and I don't have funds to go out and buy lots of extra kit, I may be able to borrow some lighting plus stands but would need to use someone else's Canon camera I think so the attachments work..."

Here is a reject photo I did of a wedding party dancing in a very ugly hall and all Fluorescent lights. The next shot was done standing on a chair and it went in the album so I can't really pass it around without permission. The Bride and groom were closer in the center so I could get a nice 8X10 .This will give you an idea of what can be done using one on camera flash. I do use a bracket to get the flash 8 inches over the lens. I do get paid a lot and only use word of mouth to get my next jobs. I pass on as many jobs as I get so I'm not that bad.

I Thought this was a forum to let us all toss around ideas and information. I don't want to step on your toes so I will probably just read and keep out of your way.


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