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penolta wrote:
NonEntity1 wrote:
If you are happy with the camera I would say invest in a lens or two. You could always split the difference and buy a lens and a K100d. I saw that Beach camera had the K100d with the kit lens for $440 after rebate, shipped free, the other day. That is so cheap I have considered just buying a second 100 so my wife can use hers. :-)

Not from Beach! Ionce ordereda K100D kit from Beach when they were hard to find (not a problem now) - I even called them to verify stock, and they asured me they had plenty. After a week with no shipping notice I called only to be told it was on backorder with no firm delivery date. I cancelled the order and got it from someone else in days, but Beach had charged my credit card and promised a refund which dodn't come,so I had to have the card company cancel the payment to Beach (after which they refunded the paynment to the card company). :flame:

The only New York mail order firms I trust to have what they say they have are B&H and 17th St Photo - their sites list backordered items and if you still wantto orderone they either don't accept it or if they do they don't charge your card until shipped.
Hi Penola
I will be the First to admit I only Use B&H and Amazon fror ordering.
However, not to long ago I had the same Experiance that you had with Beach. I Ordered a lense from B&H and was told it was on B/O and that I would be notified when It arrived. I receieved notification that It was In Stock, So i Ordered it Immediatly. My Order was Confirmed and I waited. All Of a Sudden My Order Shows as Backordered, so I called the Store and a Very rude Supervisor Spoke To Me. Basically he Told me too Bad and i would have to wait Till a New Shipment came in. At least they had not Charged my card. So I did like you and got it else where.

The moral Of my story Is any Store can have a bad day. Including B&H
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