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I have noticed that when I download images, while I am viewing them, they are not as sharp as my D50. It seems like the image is soft. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have contacted Nikon, and supplied them with images that I felt are soft, and they did reply with some suggestions. I am shooting with4 lenses and I seem to get the same soft images. I have a Sigma 120-300 2.8, a Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR, the Nikon 18-200 VR, and an 85mm 1.8. I normally shoot in Aperature priority.

I was wondering if the D200 was created with the individual who is going to do more post processing in mind, as apposed to the D50 owner who may not do as much post processing to images. Does this sound off? Either way, I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

I do use Photoshop to post process. I do use the unsharp mask as well, but when I see the original download from the camera, it feels like the image is not as sharp as it should be.

Any light on the topic would be gladly appreciated.

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