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Keoeeit wrote:
Yeah right. That's why the only sports-finders I could find pre-made online from manufacturers were made for Nikon SLR's.


Replying to these dSLR trolls is getting old, and way to easy to prove them 100% wrong every time.

You mean the device that modifies the through the lens viewfinder? You have to excuse me, but I'm not up to speed with such devices.

EVFs are not reliable for fast moving subjects, at least that's my experience. There is certainly a difference in a device to avoid the EVF vs one that enhances (and still uses) the optical viewfinder of the SLR.

BTW, this is the first time I've been labeled as a troll. If you or anyone else wants to use P&S full time it makes me no difference. Have at it. Nothing the matter with that at all. I'm relating personal experience using both for action photography.

I'm glad to be labeled as 100% wrong for understanding there is no perfect camera system. There are trade offs for each and every system you could possibly choose.

Here's one that's stationary.

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