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Keoeeit wrote:
Corpsy wrote:
Keoeeit, that second photo you posted is certainly a nice capture, but it looks like a photo that could have been taken with any camera with the right timing. Can't say much about the image quality at that small of a size though.
But it wasn't taken with ANY camera, it was taken with P&S. So then you admit that a good P&S camera is every bit as good as any dSLR. About time you admitted it.
You took one decent photo in direct sunlight and therefore your camera is as good as the most professional cameras available. Solid logic.

Keoeeit wrote:
Corpsy wrote:
Your first image, however, looks exactly like what one would expect from a p&s. It's extremely noisy, smudgy looking and oversharpened, despite being shot at ISO 100. Is this a 100% crop? You say you did well in a contest with it, but I don't know of any stock photography sites that would even consider accepting this image. All of John's samples look significantly cleaner and more detailed.
100% crop? Try more like 100% of the original frame. Downsized, and compressed so badly that nobody can use it for their own needs. My normal method of theft prevention if I am ever posting anything on the net. What you read as noise and over-sharpening and whatever other things you want to invent into it can be attributed to downsizing and over-compression. I could look at any of the dSLR photos posted on the net and say the same things about them. Deal with it.

And thus endeth my participation answering to a low-life dSLR troll.
So you're saying you add multicolored sensor noise to your images, smudge them up and oversharpen them so people won't steal them? Why not add a watermark like any sane person, it would be a lot easier.

Look, if your p&s is as good as a DSLR, show us some decent photos taken in less than perfect light. People inside a bar, an indoor basketball game, your back yard under a full moon, etc...

Here's a local cemetery around midnight, taken handheld without a flash:

Here's a shot taken in a pitch black warehouse, camera in one hand and flashlight in the other:

Despite being taken in the worst possible conditions, they are cleaner looking than your contest photo.
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