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Keoeeit wrote:
Replying to these dSLR trolls is getting old, and way to easy to prove them 100% wrong every time.
Interesting logic. Every time you've tried to post shots they've proven to be lower quality:

1. Bird in flight? Lower quality

your response - choose an easier subject - stationary bird

2. Stationary bird? lower quality

your response - choose an even easier subject - macro

So, rather than trying to pick easier and easier shots till you find a subject so easy of course any camera can take the shot, let's get a little tricky and VERY specific. Try to stick to the exact theme please and not switch to something completely different and technically very easy.

Photo 1 - let's see your ISO 1600 shot of a subject moving DIRECTLY TOWARD YOU from about 15 feet away (not from 100 feet but about 15):

Photo 2: Let's see some of your ISO 3200 shots of a moving subject about 25 yards away:

Photo 3 - let's see your ISO 1600 still shot from 40 feet away:

Photo 4: Indoor shallow-dof portrait shot from 8 feet away (not 30 but8 )- sometimes you can't back up any further after all:

Photo 5: Any f1.8 aperture shot of your choice:

Photo 6 - Actually a series - any 7 shot action burst of your choice (action please) - preferably in under 2 seconds of elapsed time (please pardon the watermarks):

See if you can stay within the stated criteria for each shot. Feel free to let me know which specific shots your camera is physically unable to provide.

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