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Awwww shucks guys I'm just speechless.

I have been really busy this past few weeks, managed to put some pictures up on flickr and not much else.Anyway, a few days ago I decided to move some files around (using a new computer with an old hard drive attached). To make a long story short I happened upon the files from an old Fiero website I used to maintain before Homestead decided to charge. I polished up a couple of old articles and posted them on my blog (BTW Tom, the MR2 was mentioned in the original article). I was a fairly prolific technical writer back then (see an example). Lately I am more into poetry and photography then tech articles and cars, must be getting old.

Anyhow I will try to keep in touch better from now on, it is interesting having these long distance "friendships" (and I think this term does apply).

BTW Harriet, if you are out there, how does the K100D compare to the K10D for its SR capability? I am trying to scare up enough cash to buy a K100D for my wife Annette since she finds it difficult to get sharp images with the *istDL. I don't think she would want a K10D (she likes the light weight and AA batteries) and the cost is hundreds more.

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