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For those of you joining us late, Keoeeit has claimed that digicams prduce far better quality than DSLRs and DSLRs are absolete. Now, while I own and use a digicam and believe there are great ones out there and they are the right solution for certain people, I like most other photographers here took issue with the quality claim.

To set the stage - Keoeeit is an award winning photographer with a lifetime of experience. I on the other hand have never won a photography award in my life. So, we all agree Keoeeit is the better photographer. So, we can rule out photographer ability as a reason why my shots might turn out better.

Here so far is a summary of the evidence provided.

Keoeeit's bird in flight digicam shot:

my DSLR in-flight shot:

Keoeeit's bird just sitting there shot:

My DSLR birds just sitting there:

Keoeeit's macro shot (very nice - I don't shoot any macro so I can't offer anything except to say I agree some digicams do an excellent job at macro)

After more claims of how he had proven the DSLR trolls 100% wrong, I asked to see his digicam photos of:

ISO 1600 action coming right at you from about 15 feet away

my DSLR shot (ISO 1600, f2.0, 1/400):

Keoeeit's response shot (f3.5, ISO 100 and 1 sec):

I also asked for an ISO 3200 action shot

my dslr shot (ISO 3200, f2.8 1/320):

Keoeeit's response shot:

I asked for any example of a shallow dof portrait shot indoors from about 8 feet away (implied but not stated was the portrait should be of a person).

My DSLR shot:

Keoeeit's response shot:

I also asked to see his best 7-shot less than 2 secon action sequence.

Please see my post for my sequence shots of the pitcher so I don't take up more space here.

Keoeeit's response - well he had no photos to share but did share this:

"The burst shots? I can equal your camera's speed and even surpass your camera in RAW photos on my S3 IS at a RAW frame every 1.2 seconds"

Now - the Canon 20D I use has only 5 frames per second. The 1dmkII-N has 8.5 and the new 1d mkIII ha 10fps (all DSLRs). Keoeeit's S3-IS has 2.3 frames per second. But he does claim the stunning ability to take 1 raw photo every 1.2 seconds. So clearly that's better than 5 frames per second.

I also asked for any of his 1.8 aperture shots.

My DSLR shot:

his digicam shot:

well, again no shot. What he would like to avoid telling you is: he can't show you one. No digicam on the market has an aperture of 1.8. But, hey - real photographers only need f2.8 or narrower right?

Now, I've mentioned the "challenge" photos several times (where I listed several types of photos) and he curiously avoids responding with actual photos for these very real life scenarios.

I think that about brings us up to speed.
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