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After digging into useable ISO values for ultracompacts, I discovered that the 3 models I mentioned are probably fairly similar (assuming the reviews come in similar to the models they're replacing). It seems that the only cameras that differentiate themselves in the ISO category are the Fuji's (which is why so many people keep recommending the F30/F31fd on these forums). The F30/F31fd is a bit too big for me, but Fuji does make an ultracompact (the Z5fd) that seems to be very similar according to this review:

So, 2 questions:

1) Has anyone heard of Are they trustworthy?

2) The Fuji's have better ISO sensitivity, but don't include optical image stabilization. (Assuming a still subject) Would the higher useable ISO of the Fuji's be better or worse than optical image stabilization used in the other cameras I've mentioned? I realize that this is comparing general technologies, so if you'd prefer to compare specific models, how about comparing the OIS of the Canon SD800 IS to the high ISO of the Fuji F31fd.

Thanks for any input
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