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I cannot believe that any of theknowledgeable photographers here are entertaining this comparison though some might find it entertaining.

We all knowthat a DSLR is willsurpasse the limitations of any point and shoot on the market and we know the main reasons why..... sensor size and lens flexibility. The only camera that came anywhere near DSLR image quality because it had a large sensor was way to expensive and is no longer made (Sony R1). Besides, it's zoom range was limited.

We all know that composing a shot through an LCD viewfinder sucks except for the so called "live preview" advantage. We also know that this feature now exsits on the Panasonic L1 DSLR so we may see others follow suit.

We all know that that a digicam can't meet the needs of an enthusiast or professional.

We all know that if you want to take quality video, you really need a camcorder.

We all know that there is a time and a place for a digicam..... convenience time.

I doubt even the agitator really believes what he is saying and is just trying to spin everyone up. If in fact he does believe what he is saying than let him.

Let's not feed in to this... just ignore this joker. Is he by chance any relation to BenjaminXYZ?

Personally as of late, I have witnessed way too many new posters here that are posers pretending to be newbies asking for adviceor agitators such as the one in this thread that are just here because it is the only place where they can get attention.
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