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it is finally up on youtube, and it is a little better quality.

I wish they would stop this nonsense though I have to say that Aiptek are certainly not alone in this.

No, they aren't the only ones, but they seem to do it on every single product and they fudge the numbers to a far greater extend. Most other manufactures might fudge the numbers by 30% or so, but Aiptek wants you to believe their cameras have 200% to 300% more resolution than they really do.

You only gave it 2 stars for the images yet I went had a look at those I took with my PVR and they don't look too bad too me

No, the images don't look bad, but the point I was making was that for the same price, you could buy a digital camera that took much better photos. I have seen some cameras priced around $50 that take better still photos and for $100 you can get optical zoom and other photo features. Remember, on all of the reviews I do, I always base the rating on how much the item costs, not neccessarily how good it is.

the Sanyo Xacti's were still nearly 3 times the price.

I saw a solid-state sayno Camcorder in Best Buy a few days ago and it was $299. (I am not sure if it was the same model# here) in which case it would be 2 times the price. I bet it is worth the extra money.

1. I see exactly what you mean, with your video , and comment, and appriciatethekind words before.
I actually can't remember what I said, I hope it was something nice.

the aiptek you own is not the mpvr, mpvr+ but of a different one all together

Actually, I noticed the box actually does say MPVR+ on it.I think in an earlier post I had said I couldn't find a model#. The device itself still doesn't have one on it, but the box actually does say MPVR+. Actually, more specifically it says "MPVR+cb"

in your video Rgvcam did not mention "your battery door was ajar?".
I'm not sure what you are saying/asking here.

Anyway, I am taking the camera back to Target today for a refund. I decided it wasn't worth the money. It is a neat little gadget and had a lot of potential, but there are just too many problems:

1) Audio/Video sync

2) Wavy video

3) irritating lockups

4) Unit fails to power up properly when opening the LCD, requiring a power off and back on most of the time.

And to top it all off, the person at tech support telling me he had never heard of any of these problems on any of their products and suggested I try a different SD card. (even though I had told him that it has the same problems even if you are just using the internal memory only) When clearly other people are having the at least some of the same problems.

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