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I saw a solid-state sayno Camcorder in Best Buy a few days ago and it was $299. (I am not sure if it was the same model# here) in which case it would be 2 times the price. I bet it is worth the extra money.
No, but the cheapest Sanyo, the C40 was $399 at the time. You are correct they are now cheaper. In fact I got mine for $236 of though you can actually purchase it for $199 now. Yes it is a much better device, but I wasn't prepared to pay nearly $400 for one.

I was merely saying that when they came out, there was nothing at that price point with that kind of video, but that I totally agree with you that they should have reduced the price by now. In fact when I bought my IS-DV, Target had it on special for $92 at the time, which I thought was a decent price.

I can now see why these devices (and even the Sanyo's) often get rated poorly. It seems to be that they keep their price too high for too long.

I also agree that support are pretty useless. The wouldn't admit there was a problem with the PVR initially.

Still it is good someone outside the hybrid forum finally did a full featured review.
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