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Default SB80, help, where do i find the f-stop-value

please tell me if what i am doing is wrong.

I am outdoor. I metered the subject. e.g. 1/160 f/8 and i want to adjust my flash power 2 stops down -> f/4 I put the mode on the SB80 to manual. But I couldn't find out how to adjust the f value on SB80. and there is no f value. there is only numbers like 1/125. or something like that. (i don't have the flash here with me).

second question: i am using D100 i am outdoor, around 5pm, great sunset. suject's left side is facing the sun. after i metered the bright side of my subject' face, i got 1/500, f/8 I put on the CTO gel on the flash head. I want to use fill flash on the right side on the face. what should i do. My D100 can syn to 1/160. (what if i cannot change the f/8 to f/16) what f value should be with the SB80


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