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I was attempting to find the necessary words to form a so called diplomatic reply to your posting. Instead, all I will say is forget about the so called"accessories", they are composed ofvarious $2 to $5 items that mean virtually nothing in terms of overall value and photo quality. Rinnie has said it better than anyone else. Please re-readRinnie's post.

This is a SCAM! Please beware! Why pay $208 for what amounts to virtually/almost junk. However, Novice, I will leave the decision up to you. While at the sametime I will share with you, that we have all, everyone of us, been taken in by phonny offers such as this, so you are not at all alone in this scam.

Instead, we are honestlyattempting to share with you our experiences and knowledge of offer such as this. I will not say more, in an attempt (futile or otherwise) to sheild myself from a lawsuit.


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