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Thanks for looking and your reviews.

These are my views. I posted these as an example of colour saturation (as suggested)

I am always snapping greens when i walk around the woodland and wondered if anyone else did similar. Also a lemon-green happen to be one of my favourite colours. Intentionally there is no point of focus, no real compositionin these photos which leaves only thecolour.

#1 various shades of green to yellow, I find fern leaves to be an intricate pattern plant and of interest in themselves and the dramatic change of colour due to sun light fascinates me.

#2 is more monotone not as dramatic as #1 but interesting shapes and high contrast between 2 greens make the picture for me.

#3 has various shades of green again and some twigs to break up the view as compared to #1.

#4 similar to #3 but a very busy photo.

I have enclosed a pick on colour from the web, good luck with your colour in your photos!

· Use orange to stimulate emotional, physical and sexual energy as well as lift your spirits.

· Use yellow to promote clear thinking, self-control, optimism, inner strength and to resolve unaddressed emotions and feelings

· Use green for freshness, regeneration and growth.

· Use blue to lower high blood pressure, calm over-excitement and to promote restorative sleep.

· Use turquoise to increase your emotional resistance, boost immunity and to protect you from the influences and demands of others.

· Use indigo to calm anger, lower stress-related high blood pressure and to help you overcome addictions.

· Use violet to calm anxiety.
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